The World Of Judi Cutrone is a worker-owned cooperative, presently using tech assistance and computer system services to the Greater Boston and San Francisco areas. We have a long-term objective of spreading our assistance approaches throughout the nation.

The initial co-op in San Francisco formed in late 2006, based on a basic, effective idea: that tech professionals, instead of supervisors, need to be the ones in charge of a tech assistance business! In 2012 among our members relocated to Boston and formed a different, but equivalent, group on the east coast. Both co-ops share resources and were established members of the The World Of Judi Cutrone Cooperative Federation.

With mobile phones, cloud services, and conventional computer systems blurring the lines in between exactly what is and is not a computer system, we take an extremely various method to IT than a lot of assistance business. We see our customer's needs holistically - assisting them with their objectives and structure systems that will be dependable for the long-lasting.